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Pyrgaraki is located in the sparsely populated village of Vassilikos in the area of Saint Nicholas. It is one of the islands' most popular resorts, mainly due to its unspoilt natural beauty and the upkeep of traditional colors and beautiful beaches.

Its convenient location is just 50m from the famous beach of St Nicholas. The view is an amazing combination of green pine clad mountains and the endless blue sea.

The area of Vassilikos is sparsely populated with many beaches, and it is advisable to have a means of transport in order to explore the area.

Pyrgaraki is just 17km from Zakynthos Town, 18km from the airport, 500m from the nearest bus stop and 300m from the nearest shops providing all your essential needs.

If you are seeking a lively night life then you must visit the resort of Argassi which is located just 4km away and has a plethora of bars and clubs playing Greek and foreign music.

"St. Nickolas" beach has been named after the small chapel of St. Nickolas that overlloks the beach from the top of a hill at one of its edges. It's perhaps the most cosmopolitan beach of the island. There are lots of beach bars playing loud music, you will find sunbeds and umbrellas to rent, and also you may enjoy many water sports.

The quiet beach of Porto Roma with its picturesque, traditional tavern overlooking the sea is one of the best possible choises to enjoy fresh fish and the old Zakynthian cuisine.

Gerakas beach is a small bay with a lovely, sandy, wide beach that many consider as the most beautiful of the island. The Caretta sea turtle comes here to lay its eggs, so the beach is under the supervision of the Greek National Marine Park. There are no water sports facilities nor beach bars at Gerakas. Nevertheless, you may easily rent sunbeds and umbrellas and enjoy a perfect swim!

"Ionio" or "Banana " beach, one of the largest on the island, offers a great swim in its clear, shallow waters. There are many beach-bars, and you may also rent sunbeds and umbrellas.

"Porto Zoro" is a small beach with crystal-clear blue water and lush vegetation that almost reaches into the sea. The two sea-worn boulders near the beach give a special quality to the landscape. There you may rent sunbeds and umbrellas and enjoy yourself at the two beach-bars and a small, sea-side tavern.

"Dafni beach" is a real paradise! It's the wide, sandy beach with a terrific view to Laganas Bay and to Pelouzo Island, opposite the beach.
This is the place where the Caretta-caretta sea turtle comes to lay its eggs. The beach is protected by the Greek National Marine Park. Sea sports aren't allowed at Dafni beach. The small taverns operate only during the day, so that the sound and light doesn't scare the turtle during the night.
Access to the beach is via the central road to Vassilikos, and it's considered a rough ride. You'll have to cover 3 km of dirt road to get to the beach. Despite all this there are many visitors every day, because the natural beauty of the area is a great temptation. There are sunbeds and umbrellas to rent.

"Sekania" is another beach where the Caretta sea turtle lays its eggs. Being an important reproduction site for the turtle, it is under the supervision and protection of the Greek National Marine Park and the WWF, which owns the beach.


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